AMPRO Warranty

Every AmPro tool user must be completely satisfied. Thus, you can count on AmPro warranties.

Our product warranties constitute an integral part of our commitments and the reputation of our hand tools offer. This is why all our products are tested in extreme conditions and intense use. We guarantee all our AmPro hand tool products without time limits and all our pneumatic tools for a year (except if stated otherwise or under abnormal conditions of use).

This warranty offer translates into a tool exchange or repair of defective parts where possible. The warranty does not apply to consumables (cutter, cutter blades and screwdriver pieces) or to suitcases and boxes.

Finally, even though the AmPro hand tools offer, which accompanies you daily, benefits from a total warranty, it’s not enough. AmPro covers its workshop furniture and carts for 5 years. Safe tools and a guaranteed work environment will allow you to work at peace.

The + AmPro: reactivity

Asking for warranty on a product is not always exciting. You have probably experienced this situation: I return my tool, I fill out forms, the tool is immobilized for days or even weeks before replacement or repair. And during that time, you do not have the tool to work.

At AmPro, the warranty is instant! If one of your AmPro tools is no longer function, non-reparable and it no longer meets required conditions, all you have to do is drop by a Flauraud store and leave with a new tool! If the corresponding reference is in stock at the selling point, you’ll be leaving with a new tool and you can continue on to your normal work day. No immobilization of your work tools, no waste of time: AmPro guarantees a service for professionals to maximize your productivity.

Warranty conditions :

AmPro tools eligible for warranty must meet certain conditions. Tools not covered by the warranty include those without apparent defects, worn but still functional, rusty, burned, abused, modified, processed, ground, welded, diverted from their normal use, destroyed by negligence or willfully. In order to view more clearly, consult our photo bank of tools taken in warranty.