Quality: n°1 priority

Are you an automotive professional? Artisan? Worker in the industry? AmPro is aware of your needs for quality professional tools.

AmPro tools are planned, designed and manufactured for professionals. This is why the brand chose the name of AmPro, acronym for “I Am Professional”. Working to offer professionals the best tools is part of the AmPro brand DNA. For all these reasons, AmPro places product quality at the heart of its concerns.

Proof of this constant search for quality resides in our capacity to offer tools under TOTAL WARRANTY 

AmPro: Tooling and nothing else

You do not only need tools, you need the best. In order to guarantee you this best, know that we are completely dedicated. Since 1984 AmPro has been constantly developing its expertise in the field of professional tools, and in this area only. Whether in the automotive domain or the industry, specialization brings valuable know-how to meet the daily needs of professionals. That’s why AmPro offer brings together nearly 1,000 references, selected for the sole purpose of satisfying the pros.

Our commitment: your safety.

Beyond your productivity, it is also your safety at work that is at stake with AmPro tools. That’s why all our products are tested under extreme conditions of use to guarantee their strength, resistance and thus your protection.

Starting with the conception stage, AmPro tools are designed to guarantee you flawless productivity while meeting very rigorous ergonomic criteria. This commitment, from the creation of the product, protects you against inappropriate positions of use, which can even lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

AmPro is marketed in more than 80 countries around the world including the United States, Australia, and many European countries. These countries, particularly France and the European Union more widely, require tools that meet very restrictive certifications. Therefore, by default, AmPro complies with the highest safety standards that exist to systematically meet the safety and quality standards of all countries, or even exceed them in many cases. An additional quality guarantee for AmPro products and user protection.